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August 24, 2006

Photograph by Sharif Stone, age 11

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My son took this photo of me at the pool last week.
Looks like we have another photographer in the family!!


August 17, 2006

Photobloggers Exposed: Georgia on My mind

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In the heart of the America South, in the sunny state of Georgia, live three remarkable photographers. With a zeal for photography, each bring a fresh and distinctive perspective of their lives and worlds.

Read more to learn about Faustina Black, Sebastian Shuster, and Otto Kitchens…

August 8, 2006

Photobloggers Exposed: Photography in 3-D

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Three different photographers, with three very different styles, all with one thing in common: a passion for photography along with the desire to share. Allow me to introduce you to Daniel Seguin, David Desjardins, and Dean Sherwood.

Read more here.

August 4, 2006

Photoblogging: The Movement of the Image-based Weblog

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There’s a movement on the internet, and it’s been around for a while now, with momentum building every day. It’s called photoblogging. A photoblog, quite simply, is a chronological log of photography; a weblog, where the emphasis is on a photographic image, rather than text.

There are literally thousands of active photoblogs on the web right now, most updated daily by photographers from all around the world. The photographers, themselves, vary from the amateur to the professional, from the film purist to the user of the latest in digital technology. But they all share the same thing: a passion for photography.

Several online communities have emerged, serving this growing phenomenon. Sites such as,, and all offer photographers a place to list their sites, share images, communicate with each other, and generate traffic to their photoblogs.

Most photoblogs are powered by a content management system, or web-host, for example: Expressions or Pixel Post. These services provide photobloggers with the software they need to build their blogs. They offer various templates, assistance in building, and community to expand, share, and grow the photoblogs.

Many photoblogs allow for comments to be made on each image. This act of commenting is what helps to build a small of community of photographers, who offer encouragement and critique to one another. Although many of the comments can become redundantly polite, some can offer constructive criticism, or may also be as a question for the viewer to find out more about the photograph.

This growing community of photographers and their blogs is as unique and diverse as each image itself. A place where the photographer can display images, receive feedback, and share ones vision with the world, the photoblog has become the gallery of the 21st Century, and with each day: a new opening.

This article is the first in the series: Photobloggers Exposed, to be featured on, where in each edition, two to three photobloggers will be profiled.

Stay tuned for more…

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