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October 13, 2006

Photobloggers Exposed: Smart, Talented, and Young

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Standing out among the minions of photographers out there can be a daunting, if not impossible task. Clarity of vision, a unique perspective, and technical skill are all necessary, and for many, take years to develop. Here are three young men who are way ahead of the game. They already have one factor that helps them to stand out: their age.

At 16, 17 and 18 years young, these three photographers are already well on their way to a successful career in photography, should they choose that route. They are smart, talented and ambitious, and all three, although unique from each other, possess the talent and drive that will take them exactly where they wish to go.

Lift, by Gavin Mullan

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October 10, 2006

I’m Back….with a Must-Read

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I’ve been neglecting this blog, and I’m sorry for that. Life, and other projects got in the way.

But thanks to my friend Sebastian, I have discovered the blog of photographer George Barr. More than just photos, it’s a photography blog with all sorts of interesting articles about photography. And not just technique, or the usual photo-blog fare, George delves into the minds of photographers, and writes about the struggles we, as photographers, face all the time. It’s a must-read.

One article that spoke volumes to me, is on a subject I think we all can relate to:
10 Suggestions For Getting Through A Slump.

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