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February 1, 2008

Mid-Week Round-Up

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I’m definitely an internet geek. I love the internet…LOVE it. I could easily live without television, phone, even my cell phone. But a day without internet access is like TORTURE. And what’s not to love? Anything you need, you can find online. And I’m always surfing around, browsing different websites, wedding-related, and not. So once a week I’m going to try to post a handful of things I find online that I think my readers will enjoy. I’m calling it the “Mid-Week Round-Up”, but don’t be surprised if you see it on a weekend….or a Friday πŸ˜‰

So here we go…

1) Nervous about that speech you’re forced to give? Here’s a site that will help you to write a Wedding speech… whether you’re the Groom, the Best Man, Maid of Honor, whatever! Of course you have to pay for the service, but if you’re stuck for words, it just might help– who knows!

Wedding Speech 4 U

2) The Nest!! Do you not know what this is?? All I can say is: I LOVE IT!! SO many of my clients are from The Nest, it’s not even funny. And thanks to the message boards and member profiles, I get TONS of Nestie hits! To the un-informed… the Nest rocks, quite frankly. From the website: “The Nest […] started out as an online community of girls grappling with the emotional issues–and enormous to-do list–that couples face in the first few years of marriage. [It] is a 24-7 virtual married-best-friend who’s been there before.” Where, oh where was The Nest when I first got married?!? (Haha that was like 100 yrs ago πŸ˜‰ )

3) Instyle Weddings. The current issue of Instyle Weddings is currently out. I’m a wedding magazine junky and read several different ones. They all are great and are loaded with tons of awesome ideas for brides. But this particular issue of Instyle Weddings has some really cute ideas for place cards that I think you might like (page 237). There are also some tips on hiring a Wedding photographer (pg 249). (ONne tip they left out: HIRE CHANTAL STONE πŸ™‚ )A lot of you’ve seen before or probably already know, but most importantly, the final thing they list is “Consider Chemistry”. The article points out that you spend more time with your photographer than any other vendor (with the exception of your planner most of the time) so it’s really important to have great chemistry with your photographer. Fortunately I have fallen in LOVE with all of the couples I have photographed! It’s mush better to have a great photographer you “click” with (no pun intended) than someone who offers the cheapest package.

Another reason I live this magazine issue…. Elisabeth RΓΆhm is on the cover, and I’m a closet Law & Order addict!

4) DOOCE! Have you not seen this website yet? Dooce is the title of the blog by Heather Armstrong. It’s funny, it’s crazy, it’s heart warming, and most importantly is FUNNY! Just go read it, you’ll see what I mean….read the last few posts. She talks about her daughter, her crazy dogs, her life. She even gets serious and talks about her issues with postpartum depression ….but it’s always in a well-written, humorous way. Go read it now. GO!

I have more to share, but my daughter is begging me to watch Sesame Street with her, so I gotta go. More to come next week πŸ™‚


January 2, 2008

Must-Have’s for 2008!

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I started to write a Christmas-wish-list post last month, but never finished it. So I decided to extend my time-line-to-receive and created this Must-Have list for 2008.

1) The Nikon D3:


Is this not the sweetest camera on earth?!? I HAVE to have this camera….and one day it WILL be mine. I’m claiming it right now. However, in the meantime, I’ll settle for this equally sweet bad boy:


The Nikon D300! Both are totally awesome cameras, I’m staking my claim for both. I love them, and I need them πŸ™‚

2) The Shootsac!


This has got to be the hottest, awesomest, most amazing camera bag ever. And it will be mine very soon (staking my claim, again)

3) Food Network Kitchenware from Kohl’s!

I’ve already received a set of incredible pots and pans, a serving platter and a cutting board for Christmas. My goal is to completely outfit my entire kitchen with all of these amazing products. For the longest time, I have been looking for really nice and sturdy, pure white dishes, and I was never able to find any. Most I would find would have some sort of design or imprinting on the plates or something, or something else wasn’t quite right. Then, just before Christmas, my mother and I were shopping for my kids in Kohl’s Department Store and I came across the Food Network display with the perfect white dishes. Now I admit, I am a bit of a foodie, but not to the point where I get all hot and bothered by dishes or pots and pans. But my heart literally skipped a beat when I saw these:


My mom noticed my excitement and bought the set for me a few days later πŸ™‚ (thanks Mom!!) But everything else in the collection is equally incredible! So I must have it! And the timing is right too, because we plan to move in two years, and I figure it will take me about that long to piece together an entire kitchen of this stuff….just in time for my glorious new kitchen!!

3) Skinny Bitch


I don’t want to be a “skinny b*tch”, nor do I have any plans to become vegan, but I just read about this book today in the NY Times and it looks great….a fun, informative read. And let’s face…we eat a lot of crap. The rest of us can learn a thing or two from vegans.

4) Recycled, Handmade Photo Album:


Last year I was looking for some green products to use for Wedding ablums, or even a printer that could make a Wedding book from recycled materials. I came across this website, Touch of Handmade World. They make and sell all sorts of wonderful products made from recycled paper. I’m going to purchase one of the gorgeous albums and make a scrap book of some of my favorite photos from last year. I also plan to offer my Brides this green alternative to a traditional Wedding album. So cool!!

5) Anything from VIOLET!


I LOVE this website, and anything from them is guaranteed to strike gift-giving gold! All of their products are cool, pretty, awesome, handsome, feminine, masculine and absolutely perfect!

So there you have it…things on my radar for 2008!!

December 21, 2007

I have 8673624158 things I should be doing right now, but…

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I just wanted to publicly announce that if I don’t see this movie sometime within the next week or so, I am going to lay down and die:


And we can just go ahead an add it to my list of all-time favorite movies:

Pride & Prejudice
Cold Mountian
The Notebook

Do you sense a theme here? I’m a hopeless romantic!

Contest Update:

We just passed 8,000 total votes! I can’t believe it! Seriously, I figured there’d probably be several hundred votes, maybe 1,000 or so….but 8,000+??? I just love the enthusiasm and all of the participation. And I want to extend a big fat THANK YOU to all who have left comments here and sent me emails. I really appreciate all of your kind words. My biggest regret with this contest is making the voting deadline Dec. 31st. I can’t wait!! But anything can happen within the next 10 days, which only adds to the excitement!

The CUPCAKES still have a gigantic lead with 89% of the votes. My guess is that the two other couples are waiting until the last minute to release their arsenal of votes. Good Luck!!

December 12, 2007

Off-topic Randomness

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~~~It’s December 12th and I haven’t done ANY Christmas shopping yet! I know time is running out, so I plan to do my online purchases today or tomorrow, and then my husband and I are planning to spend an entire day together shopping this weekend. THAT alone, is gift enough for me πŸ™‚

~~~I put up our Christmas tree yesterday. I’ll post a photo later this week. So pretty!

~~~Those weekly-special Old Navy commercials are driving me NUTS! The one last week was so lame, every time it started when that girl pulled the hood off of her head….AHHHHhh!! So annoying! This week’s is even worse.

~~~I promise you that I’m a good mom. I love my kids to DEATH!! But I admit they are just a teeny bit spoiled, and last Christmas they drove me crazy with the “I want this…”, “I want that…”! Ughhh! I want to give them everything, but I want them to have a little perspective too. So when the I-want’s got to be too much, I made them look at this website. The photography is incredible… the subject matter is not for the weak at heart. It brought all three kids to tears, and they didn’t ask for a single thing after that. I felt bad, but it was worth it. Once they saw how other children live in other parts of the world, they immediately began to appreciate how we live here. It gave Christmas a whole new meaning to them. Ahhhh, perspective! It’s a beautiful thing.

~~~My favorite Holiday movie is Love Actually.

~~~Here’s a photo from the Westerville Holiday Spectacular last weekend. The show was nothing short of MAGICAL!


During the all day dress rehearsals on Friday I was able to photograph the performances. I also shot some backstage, and again on Saturday during the performances. It’s such a treat to combine two things that I totally love: photography and my daughter’s dance. The photos are going to be used for some future promotions and they will also be sold to the families of the dancers. The profits will go towards Competition fundraising. This year, in addition to the two regional competitions in February and March, we’ll be going to Disney World to dance in July.

November 1, 2007

Odds & Ends

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Just a few things for the moment…..

::: I have a bunch of photos to post over the next few days…
-my jack-o-lanterns
-an awesome wedding I shot a couple of weeks ago
-an adorable couple I photographed last weekend
-an amazing family photo shoot from last weekend

::: *sigh* I’m way behind on everything, but after a few more days that will change and I’ll be all caught up. I’m working in power mode!

::: I’m photographing my friend and 2nd shooter Heather Claypool this afternoon. I’m so excited for several reasons:
1. I get to take pictures—my favorite thing to do!
2. I get out of the house! For the past several days, either I’ve been driving the kids back and forth from school to dance, etc, at the grocery store, or in front of my computer knee deep in post-processing. Getting out to shoot will give me a needed reprieve.
3. I get to spend some time with Heather! It’s always a double bonus treat to hang out with another photographer…so yay!!

::: Is it just me or is time flying at warp speed? Will someone please tell me what happened to October?

::: I really can’t complain about the above statement, the only thing I love more than October, is November.

::: My birthday is in 14 days πŸ™‚

October 2, 2007

I won!!

My new website (which should be ready in just a couple of weeks–I need to organize my photos and get them uploaded) is from BluDomain, an awesome company that designs killer websites for photographers and artists. Not only are they great at web-design, but they are so fun and host these funny little contests all the time.

To go along with the launch of a new template, yesterday they had a series of silly contests (click here and scroll down a bit)….and I won with this photo:


The contest was take a picture of someone in a bathtub full of bubbles, with their feet showing, and a toothbrush between their toes. Cherie and I had such a great time playing with the bubbles when I shot this yesterday morning πŸ™‚

The Prize: a $200 American Express gift card + either a new pair of Nikes or Steve Madden ankle boots + “A Halloween Party” gift box of sugar cookies by the famous Eleni’s. So cool!!

Thanks so much Blu Domain!!

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