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November 4, 2007

All Things Girl

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So, I didn’t fulfill my goal of blogging everyday for a week, I missed yesterday. But I had a good excuse, I spent the day shooting a FABULOUS wedding—I’ll be showing of some of the photos really soon! The good thing is, I’m back in the habit of posting regularly, so maybe I won’t make 7 posts a week, but you can expect 4-6 regular updates~~that’s the goal anyway.

I do want to announce that the latest issue of All Things Girl is now out. The theme is ‘Fresh’, and I must say that the new re-design is GORGEOUS!! Please take a moment to check it out, there are tons of great articles and lots of photos to look at. Also, we’ve revamped our BLOG, so be sure to check that out also, and leave a comment or two. I’ll be posting there a couple times a month.

If you’re a photographer, or even a writer, and you’d like to submit to All Things Girl, here is a list of our upcoming themes:

  • Jan/Feb 2008: Love & Lust
  • Mar/Apr 2008: Earth & Sky
  • May/June 2008: Sacrifice
  • July/Aug 2008: Spice of Life
  • Sept/Oct 2008: Harvest
  • Nov/Dec 2008: Naughty & Nice

You can see the submission guidelines here, and if you have photos to submit, you can do so directly at our FLICKR group, or just email me at chantal [at] with ATG SUBMISSION in the subject line.


July 27, 2007

Call For Submission – Ladies Only

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Sorry guys….

All Things Girl is an e-zine all about the ladies…made by women, for women. From the website:

Our mission at All Things Girl is to allow women a place to showcase their stuff – their artwork, photography, poetry, prose, articles on health, reviews, thoughts on business, creative endeavours and so much more. Our goal is to create a high quality, fun and diverse e-zine (and perhaps one day in print as well).

We are currently accepting photo/art submissions for our September/October issue. The theme is Moving On. Submissions can be made directly to the website here, where you can also see themes for future issues, or you can send them to me (image size no larger than 700pix on the longest side, jpegs only please) along with a brief bio statement. Send to chantal.neweyes [at] gmail [dot] com.


February 13, 2007

Rejection #2

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I just received a rejection letter from the curatorial committee for the exhibition I previously wrote about here. The letter read in part:

We regret to inform you that your application was not selected. Due to the large number of submissions of high quality and merit, we were only able to select a limited amount of work. It was a truly difficult task to make our final selections.

Oh well. So far, the score is 0/2.
I think I need to go listen to some David Gray or Alanis, or something else equally depressing.

February 5, 2007

Submissions: Hopeful Thinking

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Several days last week were consumed by the process of preparing a submission for a possible exhibition. Last weekend I came across an ad in the paper for a call for entries to an exhibit being held at the Ohio State University. The theme was art & technology in the environment…..the exhibition is to be held in conjunction with a symposium on “Technology expanding the horizon: a reinterpretation and investigation of the landscape”.

On the website, however, I learned that the deadline for submission was Jan. 20, but I emailed the curator, and she graciously extended the deadline for me to Feb. 2. So I quickly gathered the images together I thought fit well with the theme, revised my resume including an artists statement, wrote a project proposal, put it all together, and brought it down to the curators office Friday afternoon, at the OSU campus. (Finding her building and a place to park is a story in itself…that campus is huge! The campus is only 20 minutes from my house, but for some reason, going there, finding the place, parking etc, took me nearly an hour and a half!)

I needed 5 images for the submission and I chose to use some from the “Sticks” series I previously posted on my photoblog.

Suburban Landscape 3

I call the series “The Suburban Landscape”. I wrote about this before on my photoblog…..when I first made these photographs, it was the droplets of water reflecting the sunlight that caught my eye when I was looking out my window. What I noticed later on, was my neighbors’ houses blurred in the background. At first, I saw this as an unwelcome distraction, but upon further reflection, it occurred to me that the houses and passing car (in a specific image) actually added to the beauty of the landscape. It was what I see in my everyday, my natural environment.

Suburban Landscape 2

From my project proposal:

“Power lines, street signs, a distant house or car. These are all things, among many others, that often are excluded from images, but I say what for? They are there, they exist. They’re part of our world, our environment. It’s the relationship between these man-made items, these so-called ‘distractions’, and the natural beauty of the landscape that interest me. To me, these things don’t distract from the overall landscape, they are part of it…..Suburbia is filled with picturesque scenes that are often overlooked. It is my intent to reveal them in their awesome wonder.”

Suburban Landscape 1

This exhibit would be a huge opportunity for me, and I feel really connected to the project, so I’m hoping all goes well, and the panel of judges see what I see and accept my submission. They’re supposed to announce who they accept by Feb. 15. Either way though, I’m glad I submitted something. This “Suburban Landscape” project is something I will continue to work on. And this is only the first of hopefully many submissions I make this year.

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