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May 3, 2008

Erin & Rick: Engagement

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(Whew! I’m getting this post in just in time…I really want to post every day this month!)

I love to shoot engagement sessions. They are so much fun and serve two very important purposes: 1) They provide the opportunity for me and my clients to get to know one another, and for them to learn to relax in front of my camera and become accustomed to my shooting style. This way, they’re totally natural and relaxed on their Wedding day, which is most important; and 2) the couple gets a bunch of awesome, relaxed photos of themselves that they will enjoy for a lifetime! It’s win-win!

But this engagement session with Erin & Rick served a 3rd purpose: it allowed my husband (my assistant for the day) and I to hang out with our good friend Rick, and to finally meet and get to know his beautiful fiancee, Erin! Rick is a member of our church and we’ve known him for a few years, and we’re so excited to welcome Erin into our extended church family…they are a truly wonderful and blessed couple!

Our photo session was a couple of weeks ago, and it was a typical cool and rainy April afternoon in Central Ohio. We shot a little bit indoors, but then thankfully it stopped raining long enough to shoot outside for just a little while. Indoors or out, rain or shine, it was impossible to take bad photos of this couple! The love they have for each other is so evident! And it just illuminates each and every photo. Take a look at a few of my favs:

Erin and Rick were not shy about kissing and being affectionate, but Rick’s son, who came along for the shoot, wasn’t very happy about it. I love this little sequence:

The Loving family:

A natural model (who LOVED the camera!):

To Erin & Rick:

Shamon and I had so much fun you both! Thank you so much for allowing us to spend some quality time with you all, I can’t wait for your Wedding in just a few weeks!!

~Chantal xoxo


April 5, 2008

Bekki & John: The Engagement Session

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Last week I had the ultimate pleasure of spending a drizzly afternoon with two people who are so obviously and completely in love! I can’t describe how it feels for me to be around people who are SO into each other… love is infectious! A wonderful couple, each with a fantastic sense of humor, Bekki and John were such troopers with me last Sunday, trudging through the wind and rain so that we could capture the essence of their bond. No matter how chilly the breeze was, I couldn’t help but feel warm and fuzzy being around these two! I can not wait for their Wedding in June. After just an afternoon of laughs, I know the wedding will be a blast!

I’m a HUGE fan of bold colors, and I even chose a location to shoot that has great background colors and loads of personality, but something about these intimate images just felt like b&w to me. Here are a few of my favs:

We started off at their favorite restaurant…

Bekki and John met at a grocery store, so we went to the same store to try to get a few shots of where they met, but we were quickly escorted out of the building. I believe the door greeters last words to us were ” and don’t come back!” Apparently large grocery stores don’t appreciate a little papparazzi. I did manage to snag a few great photos though (shoot first, apologize later). And I’m certain Bekki and John will love the pictures, but for this set, the warm b&w just spoke to me.

So after we left the store, we headed outside and captured these special moments…

Bekki & John: Thanks for hanging in there with me all afternoon. It was a soggy day but I had so much fun with you both!! See you soon!! xoxoxooxox

December 31, 2007

The Winner!!!

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I am so excited to finally announce the winning couple for my Free Wedding Photography Contest!! After 12,656 votes, the final couple, The Cupcakes, managed to rake in 9,883 votes for themselves! Watching the results was unbelievable. I never imagined that my little contest would receive such a huge response. And I am super excited to photograph the Wedding of such an AMAZING couple on June 21, 2008!!!

Melissa & Steven!!


Aren’t they adorable?!?

They will receive the following Wedding Package:

  • Engagement photo shoot
  • one free digital negative for Wedding/newspaper announcement
  • up to 6 hours of Wedding day coverage
  • online proofing galleries with Pictage ( for both the Engagement session and Wedding photos
  • $100 discount on a flush-mount, coffee table style Wedding Book!

I gotta say…when I read the stories of all of the couples, my heart opened to each and every one of them. They all deserve to have the Wedding of their dreams, and it’s such a huge honor for me to be a part of that. But when I read Melissa and Steven’s story, they immediately won a special place in my heart after hearing of Steven’s deployment to Iraq, since my own husband was deployed there just a couple of years ago. I am so thrilled to be a part of one of the most important days in this young couple’s life!

To the two other couples, Samantha & Michael and Nikki & Craig:

Thank you so much for participating. I want to thank all of your friends and families for their votes, comments, and emails. I would still love to be a part of your day, and I will be contacting you soon with a special offer. Happy New Year to you all!!

To Melissa & Steven:

Congratulations!!! I’m so psyched to photograph your Wedding! Thank you so much for letting me into your lives, I can’t wait to get to know you both better.

To the friends and families of all of the couples:

Again, thanks for your votes, emails, an comments! If you want to continue to support these amazing couples, I do offer gift certificates starting at $100. This would certainly be a great start for any young couple. Contact me at chantal@chantalstonephotography for purchasing information.

One more thing…

The winner of my mini-contest, to name which was which was MELISSA! She was the first person to correctly guess who was who…

Cupcakes= Steve and Melissa
Brownies= Niki and Craig
Cookies= Samantha and Michael

So Melissa…in addition to having your Wedding photographed, you’ll also receive a FREE 8×10 print of your choice. Yay!!

The final contest results were as follows:


Happy New Year Everyone!!!



Please take a moment to take my tiny little survey… thanks!!

December 16, 2007

The Nominee’s Are In!!

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Having to narrow down all of the incredible entries to only 3 was a very difficult task. But below are the nominees for my FREE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY contest. The winning couple will receive the following Wedding Photography Package:

  • Engagement photo shoot
  • one free digital negative for Wedding/newspaper announcement
  • up to 6 hours of Wedding day coverage
  • online proofing galleries with Pictage ( for both the Engagement session and Wedding photos
  • $100 discount on a flush-mount, coffee table style Wedding Book!

Honestly, I love all of these couples and they all deserve to have the Wedding of their dreams. I love what I do so much that if it were financially feasible I would totally do it all for free! But only one lucky couple can win, so read their stories, welcome them into your hearts, and consider carefully….and don’t forget to vote!!

Melissa & Steven, June 21, 2008:


My name is Melissa Sale and my Fiancés name is Steven Edell. We first met in Chemistry class at OSU (2004), when he asked me to help him study for our final. We struck up a friendship and decided to start dating in Jan. 2005. Steve’s in the Army Reserves, and we found out in March ’06 that he was called up to serve overseas in Iraq for 18 months. He works as a License Practical Nurse in Iraq saving lives. We were in nursing school set to graduate together with our Bachelors in Nursing. Our plan of graduating together and getting married was flipped upside down; we put all of our plans and dreams on hold for fear of what the future would hold. We had talked about marriage, knew we wanted that, but decided to wait until his return home to get engaged. Being the girl I am I could have married him the day before he left!

December 17, 2006, Steve arrived in Port Columbus airport for his two week break during the deployment. Channel 6 news was there for the event “To welcome a solider home for the holidays” so I thought; little did I know what he was planning. I saw him walking through security and ran and gave the biggest hug. He set me down and said he needed to give his mom a hug. “Of course” I said. He shook his Dad’s hand and gave his mom a hug and proceeded to walk back towards me and I was just excited to get to hug him again. He looked me in the eyes and said “Melissa, you know you are my best friend and you know I love you with all my heart”…and then I go deaf, start shaking/crying…….he’s down on one knee………and I said YES! Both of our families were there and all of our friends…everyone knew but me even the News crew! It was a wonderful surprise.

Those next two weeks flew by and he left for Iraq on Jan. 3, 2006. I have now not seen him since our engagement and he is set to return home in 8 days. I have never been more excited to fall back in love with the man of my dreams.

These last 16 mo. of our lives have taught us so much about dedication, love, caring, respect, and communication. Our relationship has grown deeper and stronger than I could have ever imagined. This has taught us about what truly is important in life and a strong relationship. Back in March of 2006 I wasn’t sure how we would make it. Not only did we make it but we’re a better couple because of it. This has been a rough year, I won’t lie, but I can’t wait to marry this man.

I’ve done most of the big planning without him but have left the details to do together. We are getting married June 21, 2008 at 5:30 pm, at The Four Seasons Columbus in Hilliard, OH. The expenses of having a wedding are outrageous and because of that I don’t have much money in my budget for photography. It would mean so much to capture this long awaited day with pictures. Please consider us as candidates for your Free Wedding Photography.

Thanks for your time.


Samantha & Michael, June 22, 2008:


My fiance, Michael, and I have a very unique, very blessed story. We met for the first time on February 1, 2007. That was the day that we both landed in Venice, Italy to study the Bible abroad. I have loved all things Italian and dreamed of living in Italy since I was little girl, so starting the three month semester there everything seemed so surreal. Italy and I hit it off instantly. The same can’t be said for Michael and I…

I don’t have much memory of Mike, for the first week of the semester (which is strange, because I remember EVERYTHING), but by the second week I knew that he was someone worth avoiding. It seemed his life’s goal was just to pick arguments and annoy
me, and to top it all off we were put in the same group for a major class project. Ugh! It seemed there was no escape!

Until one night, while a classmate and I were on a walk, we witnessed a small dog that we had just been playing with be run over
by a car. I was a mess and couldn’t get to sleep that night. So I decided to skip breakfast the next morning and asked if someone could save a piece of bread for me and bring it to class. The next morning I woke up “breakfast in bed”. Mike had put togther a little breakfast of warm bread and Nutella for me and sent it up to my dorm room with one of the girls. For the first time, I said to myself, “Wow, maybe he’s not such a bad guy.” And obviously things went uphill from there.

We spent three wonderful months together in Italy learning all about world missions and each other and traveling. Our first “date” was actually during a class trip to Rome, where we went to dinner with classmates and then took a late-night walk to see the Trevi Fountain. It was beautiful.

We are now very much in love and engaged to be married on Sunday, June 22, 2008 in Columbus, Ohio at the Grand Valleydale Ballroom, and we plan to move to Italy the following year to become church planters and work for the organization through which we met.

Things are difficult though. Mike is in LA, finishing his BA and working to save money for us to live on after the wedding. I am in Wisconsin working as a nanny, trying to pay off my debt from my semester in Italy and trying to save for the wedding. We only get to see each other about every three months, although we talk everyday, and we were just making ends meet. Until this week.

This week, I was in bad car accident. Although, miracloulsy I escaped with very minor injuries, my car was completely totaled and I have no means of replacing it except for the small amount that I have already saved for the wedding. I have to have a car to get to work, so that is our only option, cutting the already small wedding budget.

Winning this photography package would really bless us and lift my spirits, especially because we both agree that a photographer is our most important vendor to us, because years from now it will be all that we have from the wedding.

Thank you for your time and consideration!


Nikki & Craig, October 4th, 2008:


I believe my fiancé Craig and I deserve the free wedding photography for many reasons. First of all, we have known each other our entire lives. He lived up the street from me when we were very young. Craig showed his first interest in me when we were just in the second grade. He “asked me out”, but believing that boys still had the cooties I said, “no” to which he replied. “fine I didn’t really want to go out with you anyways!” We drifted apart as we went to different schools from 4th to 6th grade, but in the 7th grade we were again at the same school and inseparable from that day forward. We became best friends!

For my 15th birthday I received my first ring – a gold one with a heart and a diamond in the middle. Craig has been my first everything. We grew up together, he was my first best friend, my first boyfriend, my first kiss, my first everything. That is why it just makes sense for us to have the free photography, because we have worked very hard our whole lives to get good grades and encourage each other through both good and bad times. We have never had anything given to us, we work very hard together sharing expenses and encouraging each other to succeed in school.

Right now I am in college and we will be paying for our own wedding with only limited [assistance]. We have never had a free ride for anything, but getting free photography could be yet another first for us as a couple and we would be eternally grateful!

We are getting married on October 4th, 2008 at Maple Ridge Lodge in Mt. Airy, Ohio.

Thank you!


To keep the suspense going, the results of your votes won’t be visible (I’m such a stinker!). And since WordPress was acting funky about embedding the poll into my blog, I linked to it below. I’m also adding a link to the poll in the sidebar so that all of your friends and family and they can easily vote too!!  Voting will end at 3:00 pm EST on December 31st, and then I will announce the winning couple.  Good Luck!


November 29, 2007

Ronica & Karl: The Wedding

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Every month has its charm, its ‘perfect weather’, good light, blooming flowers, or falling leaves. But November has a charm like no other. The light is warm, it seems, all day. The crisp air is fresh and invigorating. Colors, in November, just seem to be alive. And its the perfect month for a downtown wedding. Karl and Ronica were married on a sunny November afternoon, in one of downtown Columbus’ large cathedral churches. Style, elegance, sophistication were not lacking, from the preparations all the way to the reception at Confluence Park Restaurant. With a beautiful bride, and a gorgeous setting…it was a photographer’s dream come true. And for some added fun, Ronica wanted something different….something a little out of the ordinary for her wedding portraits. I think her wedding party was a little surprised with some of the locations we chose, but the results were worth it.

A few details:





The Ladies stopped traffic here…literally:



I couldn’t have asked for better light inside of the church:


A quiet moment after the ceremony:




I discovered this alley about a week or so before the wedding while on another photo shoot and immediately I knew Ronica would love it! We had to shoot quickly though, it was breezy and quite cool outside.


Heather 2nd shot with me, and snagged this shot of me in action:



A little alternative processing…




The view from Confluence Park:


First dance:


A kiss during the toasts:


Ronica & Karl: Thank you so much for allowing me share in your day. I loved absolutely every minute of getting to know you both, and photographing you, your friends and family. I wish you both nothing but the best for your new life together!

November 26, 2007

Ronica & Karl: The Preshoot

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Earlier this month I photographed Ronica and Karl’s wedding. You might recognize Ronica from some previous photos, she was a bridesmaid in a wedding I shot in October and posted here recently. They’ve had quite a busy couple of months, moving from one coast to the other, and stopping in Ohio in between to plan and have their wedding. But they managed to pull off one of the most fantastic weddings I have ever been to, let alone had the privilege to photograph. I’m so excited about the pictures, I can’t wait to share them!

Since they were in the process of moving, and flying back and forth from state to state, we did their Engagement shoot just a couple of weeks before the wedding. This is such an amazingly good-looking couple it’s not even funny. These are just a few of my favorites:





A family portrait with Karl’s beautiful little girl:



Stayed tuned for more of Ronica, Karl, and their gorgeous wedding this week!

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