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September 28, 2007

Jamie & Bo: The Sneak Peak

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(I’m sooo behind on blogging!)

Last weekend I had the honor of photographing Jamie and Bo’s wedding. It began with an email, mid-summer, when Jamie’s mom contacted me about possibly shooting her daughter’s wedding. “She’s very particular”, she wrote…so I was hoping we’d be a good match. From the moment I first met Jamie, I knew we were. Within minutes we all (me, Jamie, Bo, and Jamie’s mom) were laughing and joking around, like old friends. I immediately felt like part of the family.

Just three weeks later, the big day arrived. Sadly, I’m not a good enough writer to describe how incredible this wedding was. Sure, everything was beautiful…the venue was lovely, the flowers were gorgeous, the Bride, stunning. But the emotion that filled the day was overwhelming, and on more than one occasion, I had tears in my eyes.

The best moment for me was when, after a bout of giggling and talking for just a few minutes, Jamie’s hair stylist asked if were friends (remember, we had just met three weeks prior). Jamie and I smiled at each other and I think we both responded with: “We are now”.

To be able to share in, and photograph, a friend’s wedding is an honor I can not describe. And the icing on the cake: Jamie and Bo’s entire family was equally warm and inviting! My own family is scattered around the country and we rarely get to be all together at once, therefore I am so grateful to have been part of this huge, loving family, even if only for a day. But I have a feeling I’ll be seeing much more of Jamie and Bo’s family 🙂

Since Jamie and Bo actually live in Michigan, and the wedding took place here in Ohio, we didn’t get to do the regular engagement shoot, so instead, I was able to spend a few minutes with Jamie and Bo just before the rehearsal, the night before the wedding. The late afternoon sun was just perfect. Here are a few of my favorites:




After a few minutes of portraits, the wedding rehearsal got started…it was so awesome to be able to meet some of Jamie and Bo’s family before the actual wedding:


Then I followed the family down to Plank’s Cafe, near downtown Columbus, where everyone relaxed and had a good time. Here is Jamie with her mom, sister, and 5 brothers:


Stayed tuned for more…

I’ll post more from Jamie and Bo’s fabulous wedding on Monday.

Have a great weekend! 🙂


September 27, 2007

Photographer’s Resource…Get In The Know!

Is there a wedding photographer who doesn’t know about this yet?

If you don’t then please, please, please click this: Open Source Forum.

It’s a forum created by the totally awesome and incredibly generous and talented David Jay, and is chock full of all sorts things that we all need to know.  We all, at some point during our careers, have the same questions, and here is where you can find the answers.

Do you know something that the rest of need to know?  Post it on the forum….

Photographers helping photographers….this is what its all about, folks….helping each other become better at what we do, better at running our businesses, making the entire experience better for our clients.

And if you really want to step it up, then subscribe to DJ’s Freedom Club…. it will change the way you work.  Be better as a photographer, live the life you’ve always wanted.

Now you know!

September 26, 2007

Sunday In The Park

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I’m finally catching up  on some thing’s I’ve been wanting to post… Still to come are some photos from a  wedding rehearsal and pre-shoot and then the awesome wedding that followed from this past weekend.  But first, I haven’t really posted anything of my kids recently, so here are a few:

This past Sunday, my daughter’s dance studio had a small performance at an outdoor festival in the park. Usually we just stay for the dancing and then leave, but it was such a nice day out, we decided to see what else was going on….


Cherie had a good time in this big orange jumping thing…


It got pretty hot after a while.


The dancing was spectacular as usual….Chanel is the 2nd from the left…


We saw this cool bird…I forgot its name.


Then the kids got on this big sling-shot thingy where they could jump on a trampoline and fling themselves high in the air. It looked like fun…I was surprised Cherie got on it…she’s becoming more and more brave…


Afterwards they went over to the climbing wall…..Chanel made it up to the top! Sharif went pretty high up too…and again, I was really surprised with Cherie!


All afternoon she had been whining for some cotton candy… then when she finally got it, she was like “this tastes funny”… so I tasted it and said: “it tastes like cotton candy…you wanted it!”…she replied with “well it’s nasty”, and gave it to me. LOL!


Then she took my Sno Cone! 😦


September 25, 2007

Amanda & Chad: The Wedding

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Amanda and Chad were married in an intimate and lovely ceremony in the woods. Tucked away in one of the many beautiful metro parks in Columbus, is a cozy little lodge that hosted Amanda, Chad and about 60 of their closest friends and family. Void of all of the frills of a traditional wedding, Amanda and Chad chose to keep things simple, focusing on what was most important: their love for each other, and sharing this love and joy with those who mean the most to them. The entire affair was effortless, absolutely flawless, and very elegant.

To Chad and Amanda: Thank you so much for allowing me to document this day for you. It means so much to be invited into a family for a day, and I will treasure the time we got to spend together. Congratulations, I wish you nothing but love and happiness!! ~Chantal xoxo

Here are a few of my favorites from the day…

getting ready:

the dress:

a quick check to see how the make-up would photograph…it’s perfect!

we were able to shoot the portraits before the wedding, which was nice, since the light was fading quickly…

these colors are so stunning!

cutting the cake topper:

my assistant/2nd shooter, Heather (who is an amazing photographer!) snagged these two while i was shooting….

September 24, 2007

Give The Man His Props!

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There are so many awesome things that I need to blog about…and a TON of great pictures but first I need to publicly congratulate my husband Shamon who, on Saturday, won the Now Or Never ’07 Playstation2 NBA Live Tournament sponsored by the Michael Redd Foundation.

My dear husband is an avid gamer. He’s very competitive and also very good…at all games. He’ll play you at anything, and if he can’t beat you, he’ll practice and practice and then come back to give you the beat-down you so deserve 😉 And it doesn’t matter the game— videos games, board games, dominoes….he plays to win! I’m not quite as competitive, but together, at Pictionary, we are unstoppable. Just ask Trevaun’s parents…we can’t be beat. Ever. I dare you to try! 😛

Anyway… Shamon’s top game used to be real basketball, on the court. But after a serious knee injury and two surgeries, he’s been benched (by me). And since he’s always loved video games (from way back to the days of Atari and Colleco) it was only natural for him to pick up NBA Live. He plays every season that comes out, and beats just about anyone who tries to play him. It’s one of those things where he would say “yeah I’m really good…” and even I would brag about him “my hubby is really awesome at this game…” But it’s like yeah, yeah, yeah, how good can a 30-something dad of 3 really be at video games? Well now we have proof!!!

In addition to the shiny new trophy, he also received an autographed basketball from NBA player Michael Redd …. and.…..drum roll please….

A brand new Sony Playstation 3!!

We were all very excited! I wasn’t able to be with him for his big win or the winner’s banquet afterwards because I was photographing an awesome wedding that I will post really soon, but from what I heard, the entire event was incredible! Shamon says there was a huge turn-out from members of our church, there was a fashion show, food, all sorts of fun for all ages. A real family-friendly event! And I must send a shout-out to my nephew Micah, who also took home a PS3 for his big win in the Rookie division…congrats Micah!

Now all we need is a shiny new flat screen TV to hook the PS3 to…..time to go shopping!!

Congrats, Shamon….I love you!!

September 19, 2007

Niki & Joe: The E Shoot

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Last Friday I enjoyed a fabulous breakfast followed by an incredible engagement session with Niki and Joe. They live in Virginia, are getting married (next week!!) in Portsmouth, Ohio, and came up to Columbus for our shoot. I don’t know what I enjoyed more: spending a beautiful morning with two beautiful people who are truly in love, or the actual photos. There were so many insanely awesome pictures to choose from, I just had to force myself to stop looking and just post already! We began our shoot at the Columbus Museum of Art, then moved on to historic German Village, just south of downtown Columbus, a favorite shooting place of mine.

Niki and Joe: Thank you so much for coming all the way up to Columbus for this engagement session. It was so great to spend the morning with you both, getting to know you. I absolutely can not wait for your wedding…see you next week!

The Reflecting Pool at the Museum


I think I said something silly here:


Niki has the best expression here:



Niki told me that she and Joe are a bit camera shy but I didn’t believe it for a minute…she always knew right when to look at the camera!


This might be my favorite:


The soft light inside the Museum was just perfect.


another favorite:




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