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January 22, 2008

101 in 1001

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I love lists, and I often make myself little ‘to do’ lists to help keep certain tasks on track. So when I came across the 101 in 1001 project, I thought wow, this is like the ultimate to do list! This is not a new idea. Google “101 in 1001” and you’ll come across many blogs dedicated to the project. Instead of making a list of New Years resolutions that no one ever keeps, it seems to be more sensible to make a list of personal goals and give yourself a nice chunk of time to complete them. There’s even a website for the project: Day Zero: The Home Of The 101 Things To Do In 1001 Days Project. Check out some of the different lists here.

When I started my list, I easily thought of the first 15 or so, then I really had to stop and think about what it is I want, what it is that I want to do….what’s important to me. And everything on my list, I feel, are things that will lead me to a better, more fulfilled, more love-filled life… which is what we all want anyway, right? I’ll post updates from time to time as tasks on the list become completed. Some of the things are just for fun, some are fairly necessary (#8) but all will keep me busy over the course of the next 2.75 years!

Chantal’s 101 in 1001

  1. attend a photography workshop (particularly this one)
  2. be published in a wedding magazine
  3. buy a bigger house
  4. visit the West coast
  5. plan the first ever Freeman Family reunion
  6. photograph my brothers wedding
  7. plant flowers and keep them alive for an entire season
  8. organize my closet
  9. purge some of my JUNK
  10. take up yoga
  11. start painting again
  12. put my “big box of family photos” into a scrap book
  13. get in touch with an old friend done! July 08–thanks Facebook!!
  14. visit my best friend from high school, Kathy.
  15. eat at an Ethiopian restaurant
  16. take my kids horseback riding
  17. 2nd shoot for one of the (many) photographers I totally admire
  18. go to Disney World done! July 08 🙂
  19. start and finish a photo-book project
  20. shoot a destination wedding
  21. photograph an island wedding
  22. invest a substantial sum of money
  23. spend an entire weekend with my husband, sans kids
  24. volunteer at a homeless shelter
  25. bake a cake completely from scratch
  26. write a letter to someone who least expects it done…and I received an unexpected response!! 6/08
  27. photograph a Wedding in (or around) Dallas
  28. photograph a Wedding in (or around) Atlanta
  29. photograph a Wedding in (or around) NYC
  30. photograph a Wedding in (or around) Hartford CT
  31. take my kids to Chicago
  32. visit every Metro-park in the Columbus OH area with my kids
  33. post to my blog every day for a year
  34. post to my poor neglected photoblog every day for a month
  35. take a drawing class
  36. teach a photography class
  37. start my Christmas shopping in the summer
  38. go to a wine-tasting event
  39. join a book club done! 2/20 I joined an online book club, but I still want to join an OFF-line book club and have real, face-to-face discussions!!
  40. take my husband to an NBA game
  41. visit my family in Texas
  42. bring my son to FT Hood, TX—where he was born
  43. research my father’s genealogy (in progress)
  44. have a make-over
  45. start running again
  46. take a long road trip with my kids
  47. eat vegetarian for an entire month
  48. buy a piano
  49. read 6 books in 6 months
  50. take my kids to a Broadway show (or at least Broadway-series)
  51. be published in a non-wedding photography magazine
  52. connect with three people with whom I’ve lost touch
  53. spend an entire day with my Mother—with no kids around
  54. Take my husband to NYC (he’s never been)
  55. give up coffee for a month
  56. learn to make Paella
  57. learn to make homemade candy with my kids
  58. learn to ski
  59. watch the sunrise over the Atlantic
  60. watch the sunset into the Pacific
  61. buy a completely overpriced designer handbag
  62. go to a music festival
  63. go to bed before midnight every night for a week
  64. do a random act of kindness for a complete stranger
  65. have a picnic on the beach done….with my kids in Florida 7/08
  66. purchase a 17-55mm lens for my Nikon
  67. go to a wedding industry trade show
  68. send a postcard to Post Secret (
  69. become CPR certified
  70. donate blood
  71. write a family cookbook…with photos!
  72. bring flowers to my grandmothers grave
  73. plant an herb garden
  74. purchase a bike (and actually ride it)
  75. lose 15lbs without dieting
  76. Send a birthday card to everyone in my family
  77. learn to make fondue
  78. volunteer at a children’s charity
  79. shoot a wedding and blog the photos WITHIN 24 hours
  80. take an impromptu trip out of state with my family
  81. spend an afternoon at a museum by MYSELF
  82. wake up before 7am every day for a week
  83. do a family portrait session for my brother Dean’s family
  84. overcome my body-image issues
  85. treat myself to a mani/pedi afternoon
  86. buy my husband a designer suit
  87. teach my youngest daughter to ride a bike i missed this one….my 2 older kids taught her (with my encouragement!) 7/08
  88. go on an all-day hike with my kids
  89. see a foreign language film in a movie theater
  90. see all Oscar-nominated films BEFORE winners are announced
  91. see a Dr and have a complete physical
  92. have a facial
  93. take my kids to a concert
  94. take a class with my kids (cooking, art, whatever)
  95. improve my credit score
  96. host a theme party (adults)
  97. have a garage sale
  98. get a short hair cut
  99. organize & catalogue all of my old film negatives
  100. have prints made from my own favorite photos and frame them
  101. go 48 hrs with NO INTERNET! Ahhh!! done! 7/08 (it wasn’t even hard!)

To be completed: October 19, 2010!


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