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I used to list all of the photographers and photobloggers who inspired me on a daily basis, but that list has grown to be much too long. The fact is, there are so many amazing photographers out there, with different styles, different voices…all with something to say, all from whom much inspiration can be drawn. So instead of listing ten or twenty I think you should visit, I suggest you take a look at five different photographers’ websites or photoblogs each day; familiarize yourself with their work, learn from them, and then move on to five more. We all have something to share, let’s broaden our horizons together.

I must list, however, the photographers who have affected me in the most profound ways. These photographers, both amateur and professional, have taught me to ‘see’ in many different ways. One, I discovered when I was just 15 years old, the other I chat with on a regular basis. Some have passed on, others have yet to reach their full potential. But each of these magnificent photographers are truly talented individuals who have inspired me and influenced, in some small way, my own vision:

Anton Corbijn
Christian Patterson
David Hilliard
Diane Arbus
Elliot Erwitt
Edward Weston
Gordon Parks Sr.
Henri Cartier-Bresson
Jasmine Star
Jez Coulson
Lee Gribbon
Robert Mapplethorpe
Sebastian Shuster
Shane Montgomery
Susan Burnstine
Walker Evans

I also must list a few of the amazing websites and blogs that I try to read or visit on a regular basis…pay these sites a visit, they are awesome:

The Landscapist
Drinking With A Dead Man
Paul Lester
Art & Perception
Musings on Photography
Blueeyes magazine
All Things Girl
Blogcritics Magazine

Other resources for photographers:

Strategy Avenue – business resources for photographers, by wedding photographer extraordinaire Laura Novak and her fiance John Meyer, a sales and marketing professional.
Open Source Photo Forum – forum for wedding & portrait photographers to learn and share ideas
The [b] School – if you’re a wedding photographer, this website is a MUST SEE
Pictage –  Professional photography resource… online proofing, printing, etc…it’s AWESOME


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