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May 1, 2008

SoFoBoMo: The Editing Process

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Now that my 30-day shooting period has ended, I’m in the process of editing all of my images, and deciding which ones to put together in the book. There are two directions I’m considering: letting the book have a family-album feel, or more of a documentary feel. I suppose once I choose the 35+ images for the final book, they will dictate the outcome. Just the process of sifting through the several hundred pictures I took during the month of April is a journey unto itself.

The official SoFoBoMo website is now up and running, and once I finish my book, it will be posted there for viewing. See what other participants have completed so far!:

Below is from our trip to Georgia. We stopped several times along the way, and here we are having a roadside picnic…


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