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January 19, 2008

Cherie’s Birthday Part 3: The Party…

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This has been the longest running birthday…Ever!

Cherie’s 5th birthday was Jan. 3rd. But since it was so close to Christmas, and she wasn’t going back to school until the 6th, we decided to postpone her birthday party with her friends. On the 3rd we had a quiet celebration here at home and Cherie enjoyed being Ultimate High Princess Extraordinaire for the day. Except one day wasn’t enough. Since we planned to have her actual party on the 12th, Cherie enjoyed an extra week of birthday-ness.

I had no idea what to do for Cherie’s birthday party. My other two children have summer birthdays which makes it so much easier to have a bunch of friends over, throw some hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill, throw water balloons, have a pool party, whatever…. but a January birthday? When it’s like 30 degrees outside? Enter, Sharif & Chanel, Cherie’s older brother and sister. I declared them the official Birthday Party Entertainment Crew. They did everything! The played games with Cherie and her friends, kept them happy, laughing and having fun at all time. It was great….the girls had such a great time!

Here are a few snapshots from the day:



Getting 7 little girls to sit still for a picture after cupcakes, ice cream, fruit punch, and candy was no easy task. And Cherie simply refused to look at the camera:


So you would think that after two weeks of celebration, Cherie would have had enough, right? Well you’re wrong. At her pre-school, each child, around the time of their birthday (depending on how many kids have b-days during a given month, school holidays, etc.) get to be the Star Of The Week. They wear a special Birthday Crown, they get prizes and get to do all sorts of special things. Well this past week, Cherie was the Star.

So it began on January 3rd, but on January 17th Cherie’s birthday SEASON officially ended.
And I’m exhausted!


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