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January 2, 2008

Must-Have’s for 2008!

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I started to write a Christmas-wish-list post last month, but never finished it. So I decided to extend my time-line-to-receive and created this Must-Have list for 2008.

1) The Nikon D3:


Is this not the sweetest camera on earth?!? I HAVE to have this camera….and one day it WILL be mine. I’m claiming it right now. However, in the meantime, I’ll settle for this equally sweet bad boy:


The Nikon D300! Both are totally awesome cameras, I’m staking my claim for both. I love them, and I need them 🙂

2) The Shootsac!


This has got to be the hottest, awesomest, most amazing camera bag ever. And it will be mine very soon (staking my claim, again)

3) Food Network Kitchenware from Kohl’s!

I’ve already received a set of incredible pots and pans, a serving platter and a cutting board for Christmas. My goal is to completely outfit my entire kitchen with all of these amazing products. For the longest time, I have been looking for really nice and sturdy, pure white dishes, and I was never able to find any. Most I would find would have some sort of design or imprinting on the plates or something, or something else wasn’t quite right. Then, just before Christmas, my mother and I were shopping for my kids in Kohl’s Department Store and I came across the Food Network display with the perfect white dishes. Now I admit, I am a bit of a foodie, but not to the point where I get all hot and bothered by dishes or pots and pans. But my heart literally skipped a beat when I saw these:


My mom noticed my excitement and bought the set for me a few days later 🙂 (thanks Mom!!) But everything else in the collection is equally incredible! So I must have it! And the timing is right too, because we plan to move in two years, and I figure it will take me about that long to piece together an entire kitchen of this stuff….just in time for my glorious new kitchen!!

3) Skinny Bitch


I don’t want to be a “skinny b*tch”, nor do I have any plans to become vegan, but I just read about this book today in the NY Times and it looks great….a fun, informative read. And let’s face…we eat a lot of crap. The rest of us can learn a thing or two from vegans.

4) Recycled, Handmade Photo Album:


Last year I was looking for some green products to use for Wedding ablums, or even a printer that could make a Wedding book from recycled materials. I came across this website, Touch of Handmade World. They make and sell all sorts of wonderful products made from recycled paper. I’m going to purchase one of the gorgeous albums and make a scrap book of some of my favorite photos from last year. I also plan to offer my Brides this green alternative to a traditional Wedding album. So cool!!

5) Anything from VIOLET!


I LOVE this website, and anything from them is guaranteed to strike gift-giving gold! All of their products are cool, pretty, awesome, handsome, feminine, masculine and absolutely perfect!

So there you have it…things on my radar for 2008!!



  1. Well, I’m with you for number 1!!! I’m ordering mine next month! I upgrade my equipment about every 2 years, even though it’s a hobby! I’ll sell the D2x and get the D3!!! 🙂

    Comment by Paul — January 2, 2008 @ 8:24 pm | Reply

  2. I’m also with you on Number 1 as well 🙂 I need to upgrade from the D200 I have to full fram…

    Comment by Marc Edwards Photography — January 14, 2008 @ 5:17 pm | Reply

  3. I have a video post in blogger then how can I put a repost link to that? I have already go to addthis but don’t know how to put the code in its proper place wherein the individual posts are being place with an embed this or repost this or share this. Please help..

    Comment by holdem poker fans — August 8, 2011 @ 4:55 pm | Reply

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