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November 10, 2007

An Off-topic Gripe…

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The cool thing about having your own blog is you can write about anything.  So what’s on my mind at the moment has nothing to do with photography….but it should be important to everyone.

I use a Google home page, and every morning I check the news headlines, weather, etc., right from that page.  I get news feeds from NY Times, MSNBC, CNN, and BBC.   Today I was extremely disturbed by what I noticed.  The top headlines from all of the America-based media was about Normal Mailer’s death, or the stage-hand strike on Broadway.  But for the BBC, the top healine today is about the US troops who were killed in an Afghan ambush.

After refreshing the page a few times the news of American deaths has finally reached some of the American new media, but it’s still not the leading headline.

Am I the only one who’s disturbed by this?



  1. To begin with Norman Mailer is a creative legend. His death is of importance. He’s an American also, is he not? He deserves some headlines. Anyone who changes the face of a culture deserves headlines when he kicks the bucket.

    Secondly, just yesterday I saw a report on The CBC yesterday on how all the movies concerning IRAQ and the US Government and so forth have FLOPPED in the revenues. They didn’t even break even. Were they bad movies? All of them? I doubt it. It’s called media fatigue. What most people would like to read is that someone in the US administration will do something to change whats going over there instead of reinforcing the same old tired crap where Bush and his cronies get richer on the blood of American soldiers and Iraqi civilians.

    You shouldn’t be disturbed you should be outraged about this was, you should demand change from your government, you should demand a change of government. This war is a sham, a money scam and a travesty perpetrated on the American people.

    I know I hate it when someone says “in my country”. But In my country, the governing party was discovered to have overspent 25 million dollars 13 years earlier, and the in office party (not even the same people) were removed from power and immediate elections were called. Your government takes trillions of dollars, spent it on privatization and enriching contractors in no-bid contract-awarding (which is an un-american way of doing business) while people died by thousands. It gives 30 Billion of its budget to “supply” the poor beaten down Israeli army but only allocates 5 billion dollars to rebuild New Orleans. Asks for 90 Billion for Iraq, but wont fund health care for children while still 40 million Americans go without basic health care because they can’t afford any of it. This same government is stripping its citizens of its rights and freedoms. The US dollar ain’t worth much anymore.

    And you are distressed about headlines?

    Comment by DAVE ID — November 10, 2007 @ 4:10 pm | Reply

  2. And part of it is due to media being very aware of what kind of news sells. They know that people get bored with same coverage and work on keeping viewers by focusing on the news that will keep the public’s attention on that station. The general populace’s attention span is so short and so superficial.

    I think a better question is, “Aren’t you distressed by U.S.’s citizens?”

    Comment by Jen — November 12, 2007 @ 11:12 am | Reply

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