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September 6, 2007

Green Weddings

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We all know by now how important is it to be environmentally responsible.  Everyone is familiar with ways to reduce one’s own carbon footprint by using less energy, recycling, reusing, etc… so I won’t list them all here.  But what a lot of people are unfamiliar with is the idea of a Green Wedding.

I’ve been looking for different way that I, as a photographer, can have a green business…or greener, at least.  Photography requires prints, after all, and printmaking is not a very green process.  But there are other things I can do, such as shooting digitally, using digital proofs instead of print proofs and only making prints for the desired photos, using all rechargeable batteries, using compact florescent lights.  I plan to donate a percentage of all profits to an environmental cause too…and I’ll post more about that another time.

Another idea I had is to offer my clients a Green alternative to traditional Wedding albums….like a Wedding album made from all recycled materials.  I’ve found a few online that I may use, but I’m still looking.  Once I find something I am happy with, I will make an announcement here.

During my search, I came across this website: Great Green Wedding,  and it’s full of tips, ideas, and suggestions for people who want to have a beautiful Wedding but with as little cost to the environment as possible.  There are ideas such as hiring caterers who use local foods, florists who use locally grown flowers, using invitations made from recycled materials, and many, many more.

I also found The World Wildlife Fund’s wedding site.  From the site:

The World Wildlife Fund Weddings and Celebrations Site and Registry provides engaged couples with the opportunity to enhance their wedding by contributing to conservation while also getting valuable information on how to plan a wedding that’s both joyous and environmentally friendly.

There’s also a list of Green Wedding  Tips, and I’ll list a few here, but go to the site to read them all….lots of great ideas here, not only for weddings, but for all special occasions.

  • When choosing a caterer, consider an organic company that uses locally sourced ingredients and certifies that any fish served comes from sustainable fishing sources and is MSC certified. You will be supporting local farmers and will reduce the carbon emissions generated in transporting the food long distances and when you’re done, donate any unused food to shelters or food banks.
  • Use flowers from your ceremony and from the bridal party to decorate the reception area.
  • Or, instead of flowers, consider using other items as the focal point of your table centerpieces, like candles, stones, or shells. Please be sure that all items chosen, in particular, shells, are sourced from vendors that assure they were harvested responsibly.
  • When choosing your dress and the attire for the groom and bridal party, consider clothes made from natural materials.
  • The internet can help you communicate all aspects of your wedding experience. There will be lots of information that needs to be disseminated so reduce the number of mailings and phone calls by setting up a wedding website and using email notifications.
  • When shopping for gifts for each other, the bridal party or those special friends and family members, be sure to choose products that use the minimal amount of packaging possible.
  • Email your engagement and wedding announcements to your local newspaper for publication instead of mailing them. It will reduce the use of toxic chemicals used in the photo developing, save paper and reduce carbon emissions in mail delivery.

If anyone else has another tips or ideas for Green Wedding albums, or anything photo related, please let me know!



  1. All good except:

    Candles instead of Flowers

    Burn petrolium based products instead of using a perfectly biodegradable, sweet smelling product… WTF?

    Comment by Dave Id — September 6, 2007 @ 2:13 pm | Reply

  2. yikes, good point 🙂
    but not all candles are petroleum-based…there are several companies that make soy-based candles that burn beautifully, look great, and smell great too.

    you’re so smart, Dave 😉

    Comment by Chantal — September 6, 2007 @ 11:52 pm | Reply

  3. I too am searching for an alternative green album – would you be willing to share those that you have found? I would really appreciate it! This is such a major hole in the market, I wish someone would step-up to the plate!

    Comment by Stephanie — September 26, 2007 @ 7:04 pm | Reply

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