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May 29, 2007

Appreciation, Shane Montgomery, and Christian & David’s Trip to Nebraska

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I went to lunch with my mom today. She’s from Germany and has lived in the US for over 35 years now, so anyplace we go to usually has a European flair to it, and if its even slightly warm, we usually have to sit outside. An outdoor cafe is like Nirvana for my mother.

Outdoor Cafe

We don’t do stuff together, just her and I, very often because I always have the kids with me, or she has the 2 yr old little boy she watches. But when we can, we try to make time to just enjoy each other’s company over a fine lunch. Enjoying ones family, enjoying nice weather (it wasn’t as hot today as I expected), enjoying good food—these are all ingredients for a happy life….seizing the moment to appreciate the good in life.

This is how I like to approach my photography. For me, photography is about capturing a moment in time, an attempt at seizing a glimpse, a feeling or something beautiful, special, or good. More than just showing what something looks like, I try to illustrate what or how I felt when I witnessed it…whether that feeing is love, or nostalgia, or joy, or innocence, or just something quiet and lovely.

Anyway….that’s my thought for the day 🙂


In light of the previous discussion about disabled comments, the idea has shown itself again that one of the biggest problems with browsing through photoblogs is that many people do not take the time to really look into a photograph. It’s like, look for 2 seconds, leave a quick “great shot” comment, then on to the next blog. I wrote something about it once before (incidentally, that post brought me the most comments ever—I think it was like 30+ but unfortunately you can’t read them because it’s disabled—-they were all very thoughtful comments though).

My friend Shane, a very talented street photographer, wrote about it also on his photoblog today, along with an awesome picture that, the more time you spend with it, the more you will receive. Check it out!


Christian Patterson already knows how much I love his blog, so he won’t mind me sending you to see a series of videos made by David La Spina during a trip the two of them made through Nebraska. The videos are lovely little visual treats and at times very funny. Someone needs to give these guys some money for a feature film!

This one is my favorite:
Nebraska Trip: South Dakota Wyoming Nebraska

See more on Christian Patterson’s Blog.


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