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May 23, 2007

The Good News….

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…is that I’ve been super busy lately.
The Bad News is I haven’t been keeping up with a lot of my online projects like I used to.
Here’s the deal:

I’ve been blogging –both with writing and pictures– for well over a year now. I’ve made some great friends, both on and offline, and it’s helped me to grow tremendously as a photographer. I started off writing various articles and reviews for Blogcritics Magazine, but as I began to become more confident with my photography and more involved with the photoblogging community, I started my Photobloggers Exposed series, which at first only appeared on Blogcritics, but was later also published on The Online Photographer.

I also picked up a few other projects: talent scout for the now defunct Bending Light Magazine, asst. blog editor of, and asst. editor of art and photography for All great websites, all tons of fun to contribute to. Meanwhile I was a lead organizer for the 2007 NAP Meet-up and was still busy shooting and trying to promote myself as a local lifestyle photographer. Phew!

These various activities have all been incredibly rewarding. I took on so many different projects because, frankly, I didn’t have much else going on. Not really working a lot, or at all, with my kids in school most of the time, I had a lot of free time that I was willing to devote to anything photo-related. But as fate would have it (and it’s a good thing too!) my own little photo-business is beginning to build some momentum and I find myself too busy to keep up with everything. I’m not complaining! This is what I’ve wanted since I was 15—to be a professional photographer….and now other people actually hire me to shoot stuff for them (so cool!)…and I need to do more!

The problem now is, I’m so busy with actual photo WORK, I don’t have much time to devote to my other projects. I don’t even visit other photoblogs as much as I used to or would even like to! So I’m sad to say that I’m going to have to either retire my Photobloggers Exposed series—or at least put it on hold, and step down from is easy to keep up with and doesn’t demand much time at all.  And I still have one more interview in the works.  (God bless Doug Plummer for putting up with me, this “interview” has been going on since like February…….I’ve been THAT busy).  I think his will be my last for a while. So my sincerest apologies go out to all of the amazing photographers out there who I was really hoping to profile. Perhaps in the future, but now just isn’t the right time for me.

What’s next for me is to continue doing what I’m doing: shooting, shooting, shooting…building a client base (which a slow process), and getting my name out there in my local market. I’ve spent the last year sort of finding myself as a photographer, developing my style, looking for a niche. Now I feel as though I’m there. It feels great too! It’s just all about spreading the word at this point, and that keeps me busy enough!

The Road Ahead
The Road Ahead



  1. Wow! Chantal. It seems as if you have a great number of irons in the fire! Impressive! I’m glad to hear that you are getting more and more business. I know that the hardest thing to do is to get your name out there.

    I hope that you’ve come up with a DAM (Digital Asset Management) scheme for your pictures and an on and off-site backup plan!

    I’m in the midst of building a small terabyte file server from my old machine. All I need is 2 512GB, or 4 256GB drives, puppy linux, and SAMBA and I’ll be ready to go. I hope to have it up and going in the next couple of weeks.

    Good luck to you!


    Comment by paul — May 24, 2007 @ 10:04 am | Reply

  2. Thanks Paul!

    Comment by Chantal — May 24, 2007 @ 1:39 pm | Reply

  3. How exciting! Congrats. I have not doubt you will be a great success. Good luck 🙂

    Comment by Lorissa — May 24, 2007 @ 3:15 pm | Reply

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