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February 11, 2007

“…Just shoot it”

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I really need a day of shooting. I’ve been taking pictures here and there, snapping this or that, a frame or two, for the past month or so. But I haven’t set aside a day, or an afternoon, or even a few hours for just photographing, and I really need to. And with the busy week I have planned so far, it’s not likely to happen anytime soon.

“When Life seems to get in the way, just shoot it”

Those are the words of writer James Morgan. He’s the author of the book that changed my life, Chasing Matisse, Chasing Matisse, by James Morgan a brilliant book that chronicles a year in the life of a man who risks it all to pursue his dream. It’s part autobiography, biography, travel journal, art history, and philosophy all at once.

I once wrote to Mr. Morgan, explaining how much I loved his book, what it meant to me, and how it renewed my love for art and re-ignited my passion for photography, and inspired me to pursue it with full vigor. I explained how many times throughout the past 10 years or so, I had tried to pick up the camera, but too often Life would happen, and something would stop me from living my dream.

The above words was the response I received.

So as I embark on this busy week ahead, with the awareness that I really need to get out and shoot, I won’t let “life” get in the way. In fact, it is #3 in the triumverate which rules my life: God, Family, Photography. Life won’t interrupt, I’ll just shoot it.

Plans for the week include:

  • more writing
  • a root canal on Monday (the likelihood of any good photography here is slim!)
  • a possible snow day for my kids~~we’re expecting quite a bit of snow sometime mid-week
  • assisting Jez Coulson on Wednesday (I’m psyched about this!)
  • a small photoshoot on Friday~~baby portraits 🙂

Purchase your copy of Chasing Matisse on Amazon!


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