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January 6, 2007

The Non-resolutionist’s Resolution

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From 12/19/06….

Ok, so I’m not a big fan of New Year’s resolutions. I think they’re dumb, they always get broken, by their very nature, they are set up for failure. If you want to effect real change in your life, don’t wait until January 1 to do it, start now!

With all that said, I have a New Year’s resolution. I know, I know…setting myself up for failure. But this is going to work, and here’s why:

I know I’m a procrastinator, but once I make my mind up to do something, I do it. And I need change, 2007 is the year for it. Why in 13 days and not right now? Well, thats easy, kids are home for winter break already, hubby will be off until the new year on Friday—family vacation, I guess. I just can’t get anything done with everyone home, it’s that simple.

But here it is….
I’ve always been a thinker more so than a do-er. I have loads of great ideas, that sometimes make their way to my notebook so I don’t forget them, and occasionally I’ll tell other people. But then the whisper of doubt creeps in, and thats the end. Instead of the hours I spend thinking, planning in my head, theorizing pros & cons, I need to put that energy to actually making it happen. I’m tired of always reading and learning of other people who have taken the simplest idea, and turned it into something great for themselves. That’s great for them, but it’s time for me to model their success into my own.

2007 will be The Year of Doing. 2006 was good for me, I actually accomplished a lot. I made some great steps from living so much in my head and expanding that to tangible progress. Now it’s time for a step further. I actually can have a rather aggressive personality, so it’s time for me to put that to use in pursuing my creative goals.

I am going to spend the next week or so finishing up some projects, tying a few loose ends, and compiling a list of goals for myself. And when everyone else goes back to work and school, my vacation will end also.


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