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January 6, 2007


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From 12/4/06…..

I have to resist the urge to post photos everyday to my photoblog. Sometimes I just don’t have anything to post, and I have to remind myself that it’s ok. I can be a bit compulsive about it. However I did shoot some stuff over the weekend, so once I get the film processed, I’ll have new material to show. I’m currently working on my Lensbaby 3G review, so a lot of what I’m shooting lately is with that.

I have some things that I’ll be working on soon too, as well as some new ideas. Later this week I’m going back to the Renick house to shoot again, and also I’ll be shooting the dress rehearsals for my daughter’s dance studio’s Christmas show. I expect to get some really good stuff from that.

Oftentimes I feel like I am on the verge of something…like this impending feeling, almost like anticipation. I feel myself moving in a few different directions, photographically. I have a long-term documentary project idea, and I’m going to really sink my teeth into that after the holidays. I’m excited about it, I’ve never done anything really long-term before so I’m interested to see how it will evolve over time.

But also, there’s a completely different artistic direction I feel a pull towards. I feel a strong attraction towards more ambient types of images…ethereal, translucent. I wonder how I’ll be able to interpret these things.

So I have plenty of ideas to keep me busy through the coming months. The main thing I really need to work on is discipline. I need to force myself to stay on task, to become more organized, and to not give up on a project once I get a little discouraged.


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