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September 4, 2006

Five Years of Dicksdaily

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This article was originally written for, and first appeard on Sept.1, 2006.

How many of us get excited when we reach our 100th post, or our 500th comment, or even our one year anniversary? Well, we all have large shoes to fill. Today, September 1, 2006, marks the five year anniversary of Dicksdaily, a photoblog by Richard Partridge.

A true photoblogging veteran, and one who helped to pioneer the genre, Richard began his photoblog as a project to motivate himself to carry his camera everywhere and shoot everyday, with the intention to then post the images. In Richard’s words:

“The aim of Dicksdaily was to get me to take a picture everyday – rather than just post a picture everyday, and to make sure that wherever I went, my camera went with me. I’m usually the sort of person who starts writing a diary on the 1st Jan only to finish by the 2nd – but somehow I’ve manage to keep Dicksdaily up – and yes – I have taken at least one picture everyday for those last five years.”

With over 3,000 images posted, Dicksdaily is a virtual tour of greater London, as seen through Richard’s eyes: “Four weddings, two funerals, 9/11, 7/7 – a general election, two world cups and more chairs and shopping trolleys than I can imagine”. Images in color, black and white, digital and film, all grace the pages of this site that is beautifully designed by Richard himself, and easily navigated.

Richard’s photographs are often spontaneous, sometimes even humorous, but always brilliant and exact. Over the past five years, he has captured everything that has crossed his path, from street signs to park benches; from people to grand landscapes; from inside his own home to scenes from his travels. Rain is a common theme among Richard’s images, as are random street scenes in true Magnum fashion, as well as the quiet and forgotten corners, in which only a true artist’s eye can find the beauty.

In addition to being a living legend among photobloggers, Richard is a website designer and an extremely talented and accomplished fine artist, who has exhibited his paintings and drawings throughout London and the surrounding area. He also runs a project called The Way We See It, a London based photography group that selects a new location to shoot every week.

What’s next for Richard? “I’m just looking forward to the next five years now”, he modestly states. And so are we. Richard, we here at, salute you!


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