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July 15, 2006

The Message in Dreams

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I had a dream last night, that could very well have been something more. I dreamt that my father, who has been dead for nearly six years now, made contact with me. It wasn’t anything supernatural. What he had done, was to arrange for a card and a gift to be delivered to me, my mother and sisters, after he was already gone.

The thing about it that strikes me now, is the timing and how I felt in the dream. I remember deeply sobbing in the dream, and I can remember sleeping restlessly in real life. The feeling of trying to catch my breath was real, a reaction to the sobbing in the dream. I seem to process grief and loss a bit differently than other members in my family, and I’m not sure I’ve completely processed the loss of my father yet.

I still have some unresolved issues with my father, but frankly, who among us doesn’t? The fact remains, that even with all of his faults as a parent, I know my father loved me and I know he was proud of me and that he would be very proud of me today.

And maybe that is where the dream originated. I was offered representation by an art gallery on Thursday….a lifelong dream of mine. So maybe the dream was my subconscious reminding me that my father would be so proud, for he was one of the few people who truly knows me, and knows how much my photography means to me.

Or maybe it was my father, reaching out from beyond, telling me himself.

Either way, I got the message.
But I still wish he was here to tell me himself.


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  1. Chantal! CONGRATULATIONS on being with the gallery

    YAY! I’m so happy for you.


    Comment by Anonymous — July 28, 2006 @ 10:05 am | Reply

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