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June 13, 2006

God and Gays

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There’s an interesting article today, in USAToday about the struggle that many church-goers feel between their own personal viewpoints about homosexuality and that of their respective churches.

God and gays: Churchgoers divided

My personal opinion, for the record, is that homosexuality is as normal as heterosexuality. The key word here is sexuality……it’s human, and variations within our human sexuality are as common and unique as are eye color, hair color, whether or not someone is left or right-handed. Sexuality, and the differences therein, are what make us special, wonderful and unique.

Diversity is prevalent in all areas of nature. And it’s something we should celebrate, not denigrate.

As a Christian, I fully understand and know what the Bible says about homosexuality. But as a person living in the 21st century, I also know and understand the context in which much of the Bible was written, and I do NOT believe that my disagreeing with the text in question devalues my faith in God.

I believe that the Bible has been interpreted, misinterpreted, and manipulated throughout history for the advancement of political agenda and to keep certain groups of people down. And no matter what the agenda is, somehow, someone can find a biblical justification for it (ie. slavery, the Inquisition, women’s property rights, women’s suffrage, etc.). At one point, belief in the world being round, and rotating around the Sun was considered heretical.

I honestly believe that this (the debate of homosexuality within the Christian context) is just another step in our spiritual evolution: to fully develop the heart and mind of Christ, to love each other as HE loves us, and accept one another, as we ALL can and will be accepted into the Kingdom of Heaven.


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