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June 6, 2006

Two New Photos

Filed under: News — chantal @ 9:39 am

This one was taken using multiple exposures:

For this one I was using a Lensbaby, which I wrote more about on my Photo Site. I didn’t get the effect I was looking for, but gives me reason to keep shooting:

Both of these pictures can be found here, where I discuss more in detail what I did, and what I was trying to do. I also wrote about the Lensbaby, a preview of the Product Review I am currently working on.



  1. Love the pictures…what type of camera do you use to take these?

    Comment by The Ugly American — June 9, 2006 @ 10:50 am | Reply

  2. I shoot with a Nikon n90. It’s a sturdy little pro SLR model that unfortunately with the take-over of digital, Nikon doesn’t make anymore, but they’re still widely available used.

    Thanks for taking a look…be sure to check out my photo-site for more of stuff 🙂

    Comment by chantal stone — June 9, 2006 @ 11:19 am | Reply

  3. Beautiful work!–>

    Comment by Kris — June 14, 2006 @ 11:10 pm | Reply

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